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While travel opens the mind, and sometimes even awakens consciousness, discovering other horizons also gives birth to very beautiful projects. It was also during a trip to the United Arab Emirates that two childhood friends, natives of northern France, discovered oriental perfumery. A bewitching olfactory journey during which they will be subjugated by oriental scents. Bottles as attractive as the juices they contain, long wakes, quality raw materials, varieties of choice, culture and rich heritage : they are won over. It must be said that the Middle East is renowned for its refinement, its taste for pretty things and above all for its expertise in perfumery. This is it! Importing oriental perfumery in France is becoming obvious. Dépôt Dubaï will be born of a strong friendship, a mutual love for perfume and a trip to the Emirates

Discover oriental perfumery

Perfume has never been so fashionable. And while selective perfumery is running out of steam, as generic fragrances are less attractive, niche perfumery is making its way more and more widely to the public. Warm, heady perfumes, Oud, Damascus Rose, Patchouli, Musk, Amber, Pepper : oriental perfumery is rich in exceptional perfumes. It is this unusual olfactory heritage that we want to reveal across Europe in our store.

Dubai is coming to you

As connoisseurs and true lovers of perfume, we know how much a real juice must be treated with the most delicate attention. Building the loyalty of our customers, offering them the latest Emirati fragrance trends, making them discover rare and unique fragrances : these are the missions that Dépôt Dubai has been undertaking for several years now. And because not everyone travels to the Middle East, we are the ones importing all the oriental perfume for you.

The advantages of Depot Dubai

The love of perfume is a passion that is shared and that we never keep to ourselves. At Dépôt Dubaï we wanted to make it big by meeting the basic needs of our customers : to find a fragrance with a long wake, with an olfactory pyramid that captivates from the first drop, adapted to everyone’s purse.

Why buy a perfume from Dépôt Dubaï ?

You are certainly asking yourself this question. Choosing Dépôt Dubaï for its oriental fragrance means having the guarantee of :

benefit from our expertise in the field of perfumery,

benefit from authentic oriental perfumes from oriental perfume houses without any intermediary,

treat yourself to an exceptional perfume in the largest online store of oriental perfumes in Europe,

have a wide choice of perfumes among more than 18 well-known oriental brands,

unearth olfactory pearls of reputed oriental references, known endemic to Dubaï and difficult to obtain in Europe,

count on a trilingual customer service (Arabic, French and English) available and responsive to respond to all requests,

receive their favorite perfume anywhere in the world with international delivery,

find a quality oriental perfume suited to your budget,

discover exclusively the latest olfactory creations from the most prestigious oriental perfume houses,

receive samples offered in each of their orders,

to learn about the sale of oriental perfumes through our wholesale service.

Tempted? Conquered? Let yourself be tempted by oriental scents and trust Dépôt Dubaï to make you travel to the United Arab Emirates no matter what city you are in. There is no border in perfumery! There is no border in perfumery!
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