Oud And Roses – Ahmed Al Maghribi Perfumes

Oud And Roses – Ahmed Al Maghribi Perfumes

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Brand: Ahmed Al Maghribi Perfumes
Category: Fragrances
Contenance: 60ml

Exquisite and delicate spray perfume, Oud And Roses by Ahmed Al Maghribi Perfumes is a unique and unisex fragrance. Penetrating and persistent, it is an ode to opulence. Floral bouquet at the top, soft and sweet heart, woody and sulphurous base: a faultless composition that tantalizes from the first drop.

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Full Description

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Oud And Roses in detail

Oud And Roses was sewn in exceptional noble materials such as Sandalwood, Indian Rose, Gaïac wood and Turkish rose. Oriental-woody bouquet, we love the freshness of lavender which flirts with the intensity of Oud, the incandescence of Amber and the sensuality of roses. Oud And Roses leaves a dark wake on the skin, where its powerful notes mingle with the warmth of your body. Do you want to dress yourself in a subtle and bewitching perfume? Set yourself on fire for this voluptuous fragrance and dive into the heart of oriental perfumery.

An olfactory opus from Ahmed Al Maghribi Perfumes

Mysterious and burning, Oud And Roses is a true oriental olfactory opus from the house of Ahmed Al Maghribi Perfumes. We no longer present this great perfume brand which has built its reputation on woody and amber fragrances of character. With this juice, Ahmed Al Maghribi Perfumes definitely signs a marriage between flowers and woods where each material in turn makes its own to better embalm the skin.

Oud And Roses Fragrance Notes

Unlike soliflore perfumes, the Oud And Roses perfume opens with a floral bouquet with Lavender, White Flowers, Turkish Rose and Lemon Peony. Backbone of oriental fragrances, Gaïac Wood, Oud, Sandalwood, Musk, Incense and Amber are present to give the perfume all its power and voluptuousness. The Oak Moss reinforces the earthy and woody side of the juice.

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Features & tips

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Man, Unisex, Woman


Amber, Guaiac Wood, Incense, Lavender, Lemon, Musk, Oak Moss, Oud, Peony, Santal Wood, Turkish Roses, White Flowers

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Usage tips

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