Musk Manzil – Junaid Perfumes

Musk Manzil – Junaid Perfumes

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Brand: Junaid Perfumes
Category: Art of living
Contenance: 250ml

The Musk Manzil – Junaid Perfumes is a advanced open-air garden. A few sprays are enough to embalm your indoor with its Musky notes. Musk this fragrance to spray will metamorphose your cocoon in an instant. Fall for this irresistible sillage spray!

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Musk Manzil – Junaid Perfumes in detail

The Musk Manzil – Junaid Perfumes is a scented spray with Musky accords. This air freshener will implant a touch of exoticism wherever it is placed. We willingly succumb to its long and reassuring wake. Voluptuous at will, it permeates each room of your indoor with its Musky notes. Curtains, sheets, duvets, rugs, pillowcases, armchairs, clothes : all home textiles are also entitled to their Musk Manzil – Junaid Perfumes!

Musk Manzil – Junaid Perfumes composition

Musk Manzil – Junaid Perfumes has been worked in high quality noble materials.
A work of the master perfumer Junaid Perfumes that we love to find in his fragrances for the home. We gladly give in here to the Musk. This fabric spray brings a fresh side when sprayed in your home or car, its exceptional composition will not leave you indifferent.
Find all the delicacy and refinement of oriental perfumery at home with this Musk Manzil – Junaid Perfumes! Olfactory change of scenery certified! !

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Olfactory family

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Usage tips

Fabric spray is the ideal ally for an interior that smells good! Spray your clothes, your cushions, your curtains, your linens or the interior of your car with the fabric spray. And to preserve the condition of your fabrics, take care to spray your effects at a distance of 15 to 20 cm. A few sprays are enough to restore freshness to your laundry and create a pleasant cocooning atmosphere.

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