Jadayel – Hair Lengthen

Jadayel – Hair Lengthen

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Brand: Abdul Samad Al Qurashi
Category: Body
Contenance: 130ml

Jadayel – Hair Lengthen is an unbelievable encounter between Sesame Oil, Mustard il, Rincin Oil, Ginger Oil. Rich in essence, it is a multi-faceted fragrance that glides on graciouslyvoluptuous to the hair. Oriental sensual, heady, Jadayel – Hair Lengthen is a hair oil with exceptional natural ingredients.

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Jadayel – Hair Lengthen in detail

Jadayel – Hair Lengthen draws all its size from the density of essential oils of Sesame Oil, Mustard il, Rincin Oil, Ginger Oil. Hair oil highly concentrated in natural and pure essences, it differents from the traditional liquid oil that we know, by its quality and many virtues. Oriental from the house of Abdul Samad Al Qurashi, it is applied directly on the hair and on the hair root, in order to release its beauty with finesse. Presented in a bottle, enough to last over time, a few drops are enough to make you navigate to the Orient.

An olfactory from the Abdul Samad Al Qurashi house

Abdul Samad Al Qurashi is a niche perfume house that has been making its way into the perfumery landscape for several years. Jadayel – Hair Lengthen is one of the brand’s masterpieces, drawing in its wake all lovers of hair care. Jadayel – Hair Lengthen is a unique fragrance. Do not be fooled by the size of its bottle and give up to the charm of this concentrate of exceptional charismatic natural essences!

Notes of Jadayel – Hair Lengthen Perfume Oil

Jadayel – Hair Lengthen is a Oriental beautiful shaped from different natural layers, each one tonify the previous one. Sesame Oil, Mustard il, Rincin Oil, Ginger Oil, enlarge the oil with all their voluptuousness, their roundness and their warmth. These ingredients mixed together will affirm what Jadayel – Hair Lengthen has to offer that is most pleasant and sensual.

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Features & tips

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Man, Unisex, Woman

Olfactory family

Sans alcool

Alcohol Free

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Usage tips

Perfume your hair is a sensual gesture without equal. For a streak that lasts and hair that smells great all day long, apply a few drops of your favorite hair perfume oil to the ends and lengths of your hair. Hydrated, exhaled and nourished, your hair is enhanced in no time. Perfumed hair oil is very powerful, so go sparingly!

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