Alwan Collection Set – Oud Elite

Alwan Collection Set – Oud Elite

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Brand: Oud Elite
Category: Gift Set
Contenance: 5 x 50ml

With the Alwan Collection Set – Oud Elite, please your loved ones. A true exhaled gift box, it contains a multitude of jewelry with Floral, Vanilla, Fruity accords. A gourmand bouquet, Rose, Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Musk, Lemon, Vanilla, Berry, Cedar, Amber, Coconut, Orchid, Caramel, Cashmere, White Musk, Wood it is a present that befits all occasions. With its bewitching trail imbued with sensuality, everything is a pretext to offer, afford, or welcome this magnificent Gift Set.

Famille olfactive animal - Dépôt Dubaï

Famille olfactive Animal Luxe - Dépôt Dubaï

Famille olfactive animal - Dépôt Dubaï

Famille olfactive animal - Dépôt Dubaï

Famille olfactive floral - Dépôt Dubaï


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Alwan Collection Set – Oud Elite in detail

Timeless, the perfume boxes are remarkable gifts of sure value. With this olfactory jewel, Alwan Collection Set – Oud Elite, signs a flawless scented assemble. We appreciates the oriental fragrance with Floral, Fruity, Musky accords, which awakens the senses from the first spray. The Alwan Collection Set – Oud Elite which include multiple products are the ideal accessories to help the juice adhere better. Apply to clean and dry skin, it allows Alwan Collection Set – Oud Elite fragrance to last over time. Layer upon layer, the body is perfumed with a electable film of this unique and voluptuous fragrance.

Alwan Collection Set – Oud Elite Composition

 The Alwan Collection Set – Oud Elite, in addition to being presented in a subtle bottle, contains rich and exquisite raw materials. This masterpiece envelops the senses in its notes that everything opposes and brings together at the same time. The gift set contains : The fragrance of the first perfume consists of Jasmine, Roses, Orange Blossom and Musk – The second perfume consists of Lemon, Vanilla and Rose – The fragrance of the third perfume contains Berries, Jasmine, Amber and Cedar – The fourth perfume consists of Orchid, Caramel, Patchouli and Coconut – The fifth perfume consists of the smell of White Musk and Cashmere some of the smells of Wood. The perfume remains undoubtedly an ideal gift, provided that one knows how to find the olfactory pearl that stands out. To offer Alwan Collection Set – Oud Elite is to have the assurance of marking the occasion, of touching the heart with full force. This Gift Set will quickly become the most beautiful exhaled effects for those who will get it.

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5 x 50ml


Man, Unisex, Woman


Amber, Caramel, Cedar, Cinnamon, Coconut, Jasmine, Lemon, Musk, Orange Blossom, Orchid, Rose, White Musk

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