The Shay Discovery Kit – Anfasic Dokhoon

The Shay Discovery Kit – Anfasic Dokhoon

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Brand: Anfasic Dokhoon
Category: Luxury

The Shay Discovery Kit – Anfasic Dokhoon. Explore the creations of the prestigious house Anfasic Dokhoon through a selection of six 3ml fragrances. Offering a unique scent for every occasion, day or night, the set showcases bold elegance through creations including Shay Oud, Sukar, Hareer, Wow, Mis’ch, Reehet Oud from luxury house Anfasic Dokhon. Could you resist such an arrogant and audacious invitation? The best way to find out is probably to try…

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The Shay Discovery Kit – Anfasic Dokhoon

Anfasic Dokhoon perfumes are luxury fragrances that play with their finery. Sulfurous, they imbue the whole being with its incandescence from the first spray. The Shay Discovery Kit contains 6 samples in 3ml that allows you to test these fragrances before purchasing a luxurious fragrance from this brand. Ignite? To tame? Resist? Fail? Rare are those who have emerged unscathed from the exceptional olfactory experience offered by Anfasic Dokhoon perfumes.

The Anfasic Dokhoon brand


The world of luxury perfumery is a dreamlike universe where each note, like stars, fills our eyes. The Anfasic Dokhoon brand is a luxurious brand of Oriental perfumery, it ignites the ingredients in turn, like a poem where the verses seem in perfect harmony . We let ourselves be carried away by all his creations from this magnificent house.

The pack doesn't matter.. really ?

The sample pack allows you to discover the Anfasic Dokhoon house through six references. Below are the olfactory notes :

Shay Oud is a harmonious blend of Honey, Luban and Oud Wood notes to form an unforgettable and unique blend.

Olfactory Notes: Honey, Luban, Oud Wood.

Sukar, Slightly indulgent, the Pear provides a subtle fruity sensation. The rich heart note of Tonka Bean adds hints of almond and caramel combined with the earthy scent of Oud Wood.

Olfactory Notes: Pear, Tonka Bean, Oud Wood

Hareer begins with the top note of Galbanum, blending smoothly with the scent of the heart note, Lily of the Valley. It finishes with the deep, balsamic base note of Bois de Oud, a relentless oriental fragrance that captivates and seduces.

Olfactory Notes: Galbanum, Muguet, Oud Wood.

Wow starts with a note of Amber and Deer Musk, these components create a unique olfactory experience.

Olfactory Notes: Raspberry, Osmanthus, Oud Wood, Amber

Mis’ch soothes your emotions. A musky and fresh start for a striking fragrance. This fragrance begins with a powdery floral note. Infused in the heart of Lily of the valley and Iris, the clean and fresh notes mingle with the fragrance. soothing and warm Deer Musk in search of a delicate and oriental scent.

Olfactory Notes: Lily of the Valley, Iris, Deer Musk

Reehet Oud: The delicacy of Peppermint opens the fragrance, a sweet and aromatic balanced scent by the note of Oak Moss. In this new achievement is the powerful and intoxicating scent of Bois de Oud. An exciting new moment.

Olfactory Notes: Peppermint, Oakmoss and Agarwood.

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Shay Oud, Sukar, Hareer, Wow, Mis'ch, Reehet Oud

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Usage tips

The eau de parfum is loaded with essences which gives it a long hold. To wear your favorite perfume for a long time, spray it on your clothes and your skin. In order to avoid stains on your skin and tissues, be sure to keep the bottle a few centimeters away from you (between 10 to 15 cm), when you are applying perfume. And for olfactory pleasure that lasts, think of the perfume layering by superimposing the exhaled touches with milky water for the body or even the hair perfume of the same brand.

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