Aloha Fume Incense – Khaltat Blends Of Love

Aloha Fume Incense – Khaltat Blends Of Love

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Brand: Khaltat Blends Of Love
Category: Clearance
Contenance: 125g

Aloha Fume Incense – Khaltat Blends Of Love is a Fruity, Vanilla, Woody beautiful from the perfume house Khaltat Blends Of Love. Voluptuous and pleasant at the same time, it sets your interior consuming with all its vigor and sensuality. Want to imbibe your cozy nest with a refined and unique perfume that lasts? Succumb to the oriental charm of this plant treasure and let yourself be carried away by its enchanting effluents.

Famille olfactive animal - Dépôt Dubaï

Famille olfactive Vanille Luxe - Dépôt Dubaï

Famille olfactive Animal Luxe - Dépôt Dubaï

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Full Description

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Aloha Fume Incense – Khaltat Blends Of Love in detail

Coming straight from the United Arab Emirates, Aloha Fume Incense – Khaltat Blends Of Love is a pure olfactory nugget. We literally melt for its oriental-woody accords that deliver an attractive odorous cloud with each combustion. To flavorful your indoor with luxury incense is to imbue each room with warmth, character, even elegance. A true centerpiece of the art of oriental living, luxury quality incense is undoubtedly the most subtle fabric there is to dress up your home.

Burning pleasure

Aloha Fume Incense – Khaltat Blends Of Love is one of those everyday pleasures that embellishes both the indoor and the mind. Presented in a stick or in a puck, burned in a censer, it graciously diffuses its luxury fragrant scents in the housing. The Aloha Fume Incense – Khaltat Blends Of Love releases without restraint its swirls of Coconut, Vanilla, Oud, with each combustion. It is undoubtedly this crepitating image that we keep from luxury incense. Small scented bruises of wood, fragrant paste imbibed in sentience: we are all surprised to burn with enjoyment from the first smoke exhaled.

Aloha Fume Incense – Khaltat Blends Of Love Incense composition

Coconut, Vanilla, Oud. Each note is demonstrated as Aloha Fume Incense – Khaltat Blends Of Love rises in the atmosphere. Let yourself be surprised by this unexpected and addictive blend that will transform your indoor into a real fragrant haven of peace.

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Features & tips

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Man, Unisex, Woman


Coconut, Oud, Vanilla

Olfactory family

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Usage tips

In discs, grains, shavings or powder, incense dresses your interior with its fragrant swirls. In a censer provided for this purpose, place a pellet of burning charcoal on which you will place a few grains or incense powder. For stick incense, light it, taking care to place a container to collect the ashes. within reach of children. To fully enjoy your incense with peace of mind, be sure to burn it in a ventilated and airy place. Make sure the censer is placed on a stable support. Do not leave within reach of children.

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