Musk Tahara 12ml – Surrati

Musk Tahara 12ml – Surrati

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Brand: Surrati
Category: Oils
Contenance: 12ml

Musk Tahara 12ml – Surrati is an improbable interview between White Musk. Dry and rich in essence, it is a multi-faceted fragrance that glides on pleasantly to the skin. Musky, Fresh gentle, heady, Musk Tahara 12ml – Surrati is a perfumed oil with addictive enveloping assemblies.

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Full Description

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Musk Tahara 12ml – Surrati in detail

Musk Tahara 12ml – Surrati draws all its robustness from the density of essential oils of White Musk. Perfume oil highly concentrated in natural and absolute essences, it differs from the traditional liquid perfumes that we know, by its heady and long trail. Musky, Fresh fragrance from the house of Surrati, it is applied directly to the skin, on hot areas, in order to deliver its beauty with delicacy. Presented in a bottle, enough to last over time, a few drops are enough to make you travel to the Orient.

An olfactory treasure from the Surrati house

Surrati is a niche perfume house that has been making its way into the perfumery landscape for several years. Musk Tahara 12ml – Surrati is one of the brand’s olfactory masterpieces, drawing in its wake all lovers of luxury oriental perfumery. Musk Tahara 12ml – Surrati is a unique fragrance. Do not be fooled by the size of its bottle and succumb to the charm of this concentrate of exceptional charismatic perfumed essences!

Notes of Musk Tahara 12ml – Surrati

Musk Tahara 12ml – Surrati perfume oil is a woody jewel worked from different olfactory layers, each one strengthing the previous one. White Musk, envelop the fragrance with all their sensuality, their roundness and their warmth. These ingredients mixed together will expose what Musk Tahara 12ml – Surrati has to offer that is most exquisite and voluptuous.

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Features & tips

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Man, Unisex, Woman


White Musk

Olfactory family


Sans alcool

Alcohol Free

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Usage tips

The perfume oil being concentrated in essences, a few drops are enough to perfume you durably. For optimal fragrance hold, apply your fragrance to pulse points : in the hollow of the elbows and the knees, on the lobe and behind the ears, between the fold of the neck and the chin, behind the nape of the neck.

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