How to wear perfume?

How to wear perfume?

How to perfume yourself, how to give relief to your juice? While many jump on their favorite bottle and spray themselves with it all over the place, perfume insiders know there are areas to be favored for the perfume to let its notes blossom without suffocating it. Indeed, certain parts of the body are like a fertile ground which patiently releases the scent of the perfume after having slipped a few drops. Perfume spray, perfume oil, incense, whatever the bottle, discover how to perfume yourself to smell good all day long.

Learn to perfume yourself

You can’t play with perfume. Good perfume is an art that can be learned. It is important to distinguish between the different formats offered in perfumery in order to better know how to use them. Depending on whether it is a perfume oil, an Eau de Parfum spray or incense, the use of the perfume will be different.

Use a spray perfume

By spray perfume is meant the most frequently used perfume that comes with a bottle and a “pshit” spray. Eau de toilette or eau de parfum, a few sprays are enough to perfume yourself. There are, however, a few precautions to take in order not to make an olfactory misstep.

Eau de Parfum

The wake of the eau de parfum is longer than the eau de toilette. Concentrated and generally dark in color, it powerfully delivers its notes from the first spray. For a better diffusion of the perfume, we will ban the fact of tapping the juice on the wrist so as not to damage or suffocate the notes. It is advisable to perfume the hot areas of the body for a more lasting fixation of the fragrance. We will perfume her neck, behind her ears, her navel, her cleavage, behind the neck. A touch on the hair also allows the fragrance to be subtly diffused. You can also perfume your favorite clothes, but be careful not to damage white or light fabrics. The scent stains and it is difficult to retrieve the clothes once touched.

Eau de Toilette

Even if its wake is less heady than the eau de parfum, the eau de toilette remains a widely used format. Strong at the start, volatile after a few hours, it will require a few touch-ups during the day to make the perfume last. Like the eau de parfum, take care to apply it to the wrists, neck, back of the neck, hair and clothing. Let the perfume dry, unnecessarily dabbing, this prevents the juice from revealing. Some perfumers even recommend spraying the perfume a few times in the air and working under it to take advantage of the scent swirls. Another way to subtly perfume yourself.

Another way to subtly perfume yourself.

As the name suggests, perfume oil, unlike the so-called classic perfume, comes in the form of an oil. Dry and easy to apply, it subtly coats the skin without leaving a greasy film. Perfume oil is known to be more heady than traditional scents. Indeed, perfumers are betting their entire olfactory pyramid on the heart and base notes. A strategy that makes the oil more addictive but above all allows the fragrance to last longer.

Perfume with a dropper

We mainly find perfume oils in bottles with a glass or plastic rod. This format is probably explained by the concentration of the oil in perfume. Without alcohol, powerful, a few drops, the secret of a good hold lies in the parsimony and the gesture. In short, perfume yourself with a dropper so as not to spoil the olfactory notes.

What parts of the body to perfume?

The fragrance oil blends easily with the skin. Dry and pleasant to apply, it will reveal its notes in contact with hot and oily areas of the body. Neck, chin, wrists, earlobes, hollow of the knees, bend of the elbow, lower back, navel : all these parts are conducive to an outpouring of the senses. They are the best medium to reveal the power of the perfume and the oriental fragrances in addition. After a bath or shower, on clean, dry skin, perfume oil is arguably the best first layer of clothing you should wear.

What about the olfactory triangle

By olfactory triangle is meant the part located between the base of the neck and the chest. This is where we are accustomed, if not the reflex to use perfume first. And yet, did you know that it is best to avoid spraying perfume in that area? What may seem surprising at first glance actually makes sense. Why ? Quite simply because our nose is close to this part, therefore, when we perfume our neck or chest, it saturates very quickly. The nose no longer perceives smells. The olfactory receptors completely impregnated with the perfume reach saturation. In fact, very often we have the impression that we no longer smell its perfume when all the people around us do.

Perfume yourself with incense

“Perfume” is a word derived from the Latin “per-fumum” which means “through the smoke”. This expression of Latin origin, the term perfume translates and attests to the antiquity of the use of perfume. It also shows that there was a time when people used to smoke perfume, with incense mixed with other resins, spices and fragrant woods. Perfuming oneself with incense is therefore a very ancient tradition that dates back well before the modern era during which chemistry developed. It even dates from the era of ancient Egypt, which is to say how the perfume has continued through the ages without ever wrinkling.

Fumigating clothing with incense

There are places in Africa and Asia where incense is an integral part of people’s lives. Shopkeepers, office workers, housewife, day or night watchman : all have in common the love of perfume. Who burns it at home to perfume its interior with incense, who perfumes the alleys of his neighborhood to share the scent, who burns it to honor his host. Fumigating clothing with incense is also a continuing habit. How? ‘Or’ What ? To perfume clothes all day long, we pass over burning incense in a brazier. Be careful not to burn yourself. The smoke that emanates from the incense will permeate the clothes for a long time. A pleasant way to spend a scented day …

Fumigating the body with incense

The perfume, when it perfumes the body, provides an indescribable sensation of well-being. It awakens all the senses, stimulates the mind, and gives the Being a feeling of fullness. Fumigating the body with incense is also an ancient practice which persists over time. There are also some regions in the world where the bride and groom, before their wedding ceremony, resort to incense fumigation. The procedure is as for the one with the clothes, passing several times over the burning incense. It is a ritual for preparing the wedding, because nothing is more pleasant and sweeter than to meet your half adorned with perfumed skin.

While perfume has become more democratic over time, it is affordable to all budgets, it should still be treated with delicacy and love. Perfume must remain a pleasure, a need too, because each perfume betrays our personality, neither more nor less. Perfume oil, incense, or eau de parfum, at Dépôt Dubaï we have everything you need to satisfy the lovers of oriental fragrances that you are. And you, what are your little tips for perfuming yourself? Do not hesitate to share your scented tips with us!

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