Black Musk – Hamidi

Black Musk – Hamidi

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Brand: Hamidi
Category: Body
Contenance: 100ml

Black Musk – Hamidi is a soft delicate fabric that you wear all day under your clothes. Indecent and audacious blend of Musk, Oud, Fruits, Amber, Patchouli : it melts for its dual use at the same time fragrant and nourishing. Charmed? What are you waiting for to curl up in your favorite perfume with this Eau de Milky?

Famille olfactive Animal Luxe - Dépôt Dubaï

Famille olfactive animal - Dépôt Dubaï

Famille olfactive animal - Dépôt Dubaï


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Full Description

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Black Musk – Hamidi in detail

Black Musk – Hamidi is a gourmet and outrageous Eau de Milky that leaves an exhaled and moisturizing film on the body. Easy to assuage, it dries almost subtly to become one with your skin. A nutritious and fragrant light layer, it delivers its warm and addictive notes throughout its application. The Fruity, Musky, Oriental ingredients compete in voluptuousness with the oriental accords. We reflect without remorse to this Eau de Milky that we are surprised to love excessively.

Black Musk – Hamidi Composition

Musk, Oud, Fruits, Amber, Patchouli : there are beautiful people in the Black Musk – Hamidi. And the least we can say is that the perfume house Hamidi. still wonders us with this olfactory enjoy. A silk-like Eau de Milky that we would like to fix on us continually.

Scented tips

Perfume your body, soften your skin, also accentuate the notes of your favorite fragrance… It’s crazy what you can do with Black Musk – Hamidi. We all appreciate to have soft skin on which we want to caress a light moisturizing and fragrant layer. For a better application of the Black Musk – Hamidi, take care to scatter it on clean and dry skin. And for the perfume to diffuse longer on your body, consider adding a few drops of your Black Musk – Hamidi effluence to your Eau de Milky. Sensuality, warmth and awakening of the senses insured!

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Features & tips

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Man, Unisex, Woman


Amber, Fruits, Musk, Oud, Patchouli

Olfactory family

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Sans alcool

Alcohol Free

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Usage tips

Thanks to its milky and melting texture, Milky water delicately perfumes your skin while moisturizing it. Spray a few pschitts of your Milky water on clean, dry skin. Massage gently and take advantage of this privileged moment to revel in the fragrance you love. Nourished, hydrated, fragrant and soft, your body is adorned with a sensual and creamy film for the whole day.

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